Increase Page Authority With Internal Linking

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Increase Page Authority With Internal Linking

A page of yours is on the brink of ranking on the first page, and you want to push it onto the first page as fast as possible. The simplest way is to leverage internal links.

First, we have to understand one thing: Backlinks add page authority, while internal links pass page authority. Another word for authority is link juice, don’t be confused by each.

Things to know

When you receive a backlink, it adds page authority to the linked domain. The search engine sees these as votes of confidence.

When you add an internal link, the page that is linking passes authority to the linked page. This is often confused with a backlink which adds authority.

How to Increase Page Authority With Internal Linking

Now that we know the rules of the game, how do we go about moving that page on the first page? It’s very simple, some pages have more authority than others, and using internal links, all we have to do is link a high authority page, to a page you want to rank higher. To do this we have to find two things, pages with high authority, and pages almost ranking on the first page.

Pages with high authority

  1. First, you will have to visit On the home page enter the site you are working on. In this case https://www.prostockhockey.comMom open site explorer search bar
  2. Second, you have to find the top pages tab on the left sidebar Top pages open site explorer3. Order the pages by page authority  open site explorer list

The pages with the highest authority are going to be your authority champions.

Make sure you differentiate your landing pages from your post and deep pages. The last thing we want is to add an unnecessary link to a landing page.

The last thing we need to find is the page that is close to ranking.

Which of you pages is almost ranking

To do this we will be using Google analytics. We are going to do some SEO analysis, and try to find pages that are on the tipping point of being on the first page. We should be looking for page between rank 11-15.

  1. First, visit google analytics and choose the property you are working on. Go to acquisition > search console > QueriesGoogle analytics list
  2. Second, we will add an advanced filter that shows pages with an average position higher than 10. The bottom of the page one is position 10, and position 11 is the top of page 2. The filter will look like this Google analytics filter
  3. Sort by average position, and find pages with the position between 11-15
  4. Thirdly we will confirm the page that is ranking for that query. We will do a simple search in google to find which page is actually ranking for that term. Don’t be surprised if its hard to find your page. If you can’t find them, then take note and move onto the next opportunity. (don’t make fun of the amount of traffic I get)

Link both pages

This is the simple part, all you have to do is link the high authority page to the almost ranking page. make sure not to force the link. Find a spot inside the content that is appropriate. If you’re having a hard time with internal linking remember this, don’t force it, make the anchor text have some relevance to the linked page, and always put the reader first.

If you have any question about this article feel free to contact me anytime you want. Also make sure to check out my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

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