What can content creators learn from pornhub

What Can Content Creators Learn From Pornhub (Annual Content)

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What Can Content Creators Learn From Pornhub (Annual Content)

In my eyes, Pornhub is one of the best content creators on the planet, and they distribute amazing content on an annual basis. If you pay attention to news networks, blogs, and social media channels they begin to talk about porn statistics during the beginning of the new year.

The content Pornhub creates kills the game. Also, Pornhub is perfect at targeting influencers that actually matter. This not only gains them a lot more backlinks, traffic, but the amount of PR they get is immense.

What causes this to happen, Pornhub creates content people are excited for and looking forward to on an annual basis. In other words, Pornhub creates annual content.

So when-when the date comes around influencers are putting their ear to the ground and are anticipating the content. 

What Content Does Pornhub Make

Pornhub creates an assortment of content throughout the year, but we're going to focus on their annual content. Their content is made up analytics and categories of porn used. They also create annual content for holidays as well. This includes Halloween, St Patty's, Christmas, and a lot more.


My Favourite Topics

Bandwidth Used

  1. Pornhub goes into a lot of detail about the amount of bandwidth used, traffic per second and traffic per day.

Traffic By Country/ Change

  • Pornhub tracks the amount of traffic per country. They also track the change in positions. The USA is number one and Canada is third.

Most Popular Search Terms

  • Porn is all about figuring out what the consumer wants, and that is easily seen when they break down the most popular searches. What most interesting is that a lot more people are searching for cartoons.

Time Spent Watched

  • Track the time spent on the site. Surprisingly the United States isn't number one the Philipines are.

Time Spent Per Visit

  • What is the time spent per visit? It's, not 30 seconds, it actually around 10 minutes 15 seconds. Good job guys

Favorite Times To Watch Porn

  • You would be surprised at how many people are watching porn at 10 am

Year In Review Per Country

  • Breaks down the year in review for each country. It also lists the top categories, favorite pornstars, and relative searches

Portion Of Female Visitors 

  • I'm surprised as you are, ladies watch porn as well. Worldwide 26% of all Pornhub visitors are females.

We can keep going on and on but we have to go deeper.

Why Does It Matter

So now we know what Pornhub is publishing, but why does this actually matter for you? If done correctly your annual piece of content can produce quality backlinks, tons of PR, and can help generate tons of traffic all on an annual basis. This is not done once either when you continuously produce this content year after year people become excited and look forwards for your content.


Let's begin somewhere we can all relate to. The number of backlinks this page itself gathers.

If you don't know what backlinks are, search engines see backlinks as votes of confidence. The easy way to explain it is, the more backlinks you have, the more search engines trust you, the higher they are willing to rank your page. It's more complicated than that, but if you want to read more here's a great resource

Pornhub Moz Opensite Explorer

  • http://www.pornhub.com
    • DA:79
    • PA:83
    • Root Domain Links:2557
    • Total Links:267K

Pornhub 2016 Year In Review

  • https://www.pornhub.com/insights/2016-year-in-review
    • DA:79
    • PA:75
    • Root Domain Links:268
    • >Total Links:468

This content is taken from open site explorer from moz.com. When one piece of content creates 10% of all your backlinks it's definitely is worth making this type of content on a yearly basis.


Also, the top five videos on youtube for the search term Pornhub statistics have a combined 1,803,585 views. Coupled with the insane amount of content creators talking about the annual content, social media impressions, you can see how much PR your brand can gain.


Coupled with the amount of domain authority which causes higher ranking in search engines, PR, and links to popular blogs and news networks, you can imagine the amount of traffic your website will receive. These visitors are not just any ordinary visitors though, they are the best type of traffic. Inbound visitors actively trying to learn more and figure out who made this content. Some of these visitors will become inbound leads, which have a much shorter sales time.

Pro tip: IF you want to increase conversions use internal links to redirect traffic to higher converting pages

What Is Annual Content

The benefits of creating enticing annual content are immense, but what exactly is annual content. Well, it's exactly in the word itself, it's any content you create on an annual basis on one topic. This content will be updated on a yearly basis in a separate post.

Types Of Annual Content

There are three types of annual content, best practices, best of lists, and insights. These pieces of content are meant to recap the whole year. For more technical industries you may also find pieces of content that extract knowledge and also try to predict the future.

Best Practices

Best practices content are amazing for beginners and experts. Just like it says, it explains the best practices for a particular topic or niche. These pieces of content go into a lot of detail, and they recap the changes that happened in the previous year.  They may also predict changes for the new year and beyond.

Examples Of Best Practices Content

Best SEO Practices to Dominate In 2017


15 Best Practices for PPC Landing Pages in 2017


Best Of The Year List

Best of content recaps the highlights or low points in an industry. These can also cover particular niches of the industry. The sports industry executes this perfectly. They compile videos that recap highlights of different sports, players, and bloopers. The bloopers are my favourite.

Examples Of Best Of List

Top Architects and Designers - AD100 2016


Top 10 Plays of the Season



Insights are my favorite because if done properly you will be able to see what makes a whole industry tick. Pornhub year in review content is a perfect example of this. It caps the year's insights year to year. Also, it points out how the industry is changing, and what the future looks like.

Examples Of Insights Content

Fashion Trends 2016: Google Data Shows What Shoppers Want


Global social media research summary http://www.smartinsights.com/social-media-marketing/social-media-strategy/new-global-social-media-research/


The benefits of annual content are amazing, and if you want to see a perfect example of it take a look at Pornhub. When ever Pornhub creates a piece of annual content they gain so much, PR, traffic, and a massive amount of backlinks. If you create an amazing best of the year list, industry insights, or best practices on an annual basis you can reap these rewards.

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